Nov 24

3 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Golf Handicap

Anyone who plays golf even recreationally wants to have a good golf handicap. If you find that your handicap is not quite where you want it to be then you should consider ways that can help you reduce your golf handicap. There are 3 ways that are easy to use and will help you reduce your handicap to the point where you are happy with it.

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Nov 24

How I Started Golfing

When I was younger, I found the idea of golfing boring. I was just a lad when my mother decided to get me a croquet set. We had little wooden croquet mallets and little metal hoops that my mother decided to set up in our back garden.

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Nov 24

Golfing Around the World – Is It Possible?

Golf Ball In The HoleSome people say that golf is a rich man’s (or woman’s!) sport, and to be truthful… I do see where they are coming from, in a way. But golf is just like any other sport – it can take you places, as long as you are passionate enough about it.

And just like any other sport, it can be expensive – you need the golf gear, the country club membership… and more often than not the expenses never stop there. Truth is you’ll probably end up paying a lot out of pocket for this popular pastime… But remembering that it is also a sport, you can get anywhere as long as you are passionate enough.

I have been to many different golf courses around the world in the past – some of them I paid for out of my own pocket, some of them I got to go to for free. I’ve gone on more paid trips than free trips, that’s for sure, but I’m aiming to be able to even out that ratio… hey, nothing is impossible, right?

Here are just some of the places I have been to in the past… and I do hope to return to them too!

Spain's Club de Golf de BarcelonaI have been able to go golfing in this lovely country in the past…and I would love to go back someday! This is the first country I went to on my own dime… A few friends at the country club asked me if I wanted to join them on a trip, so the wife and I packed up and joined them at Spain!

It was an experience, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to go back…but before I do that there are many other countries I want to visit first!

After Spain, I decided to plan my own trip… this time around my wife and I went alone. We were able to find a nice specialist golf package holiday to Portugal that allowed me to go golfing there on a budget.

Top 10 Golf Courses in Portugal

The damage to the wallet was not that bad – and the wife and I enjoyed touring around Portugal too, aside from just golfing! If you ever want to go golfing in another country…definitely consider beautiful Portugal.

Singapore's Bukit Golf CourseThis country was one I was able to visit for free. My country club was holding a little championship and the grand prize was a trip for two to Singapore… so I did my best.

And I won! It was a wonderful experience, winning the tournament…and of course being able to fly to Singapore and golf there for free. Hoping for another chance to fly to another country for free… who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to do so soon!

So now, regardless of whether you are new to golf or if you are a veteran at it… you should know that it IS possible to golf around the world…in fact you can make it happen yourself, if you manage your finances and save up for it well enough. Good luck, and let me know where you have golfed in the past!